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Cambridge English listening strategies


Webinar. Luke & James Vyner: 'Transforming EFL listening materials'

In an interactive and creative workshop, onestopenglish authors Luke and James Vyner explore the ways in which we can use exciting and engaging narratives, skilled actors and appropriate sound design to transform the EFL Listening experience.


TESOL/TEFL training: Teaching a listening lesson

How to structure an EFL listening class. In this 6 minute video, Louisa from Global English takes you through the basics from pre-listening tasks, the listening itself and post-listening tasks.

Teaching Listening 1 - Top down processing

This is the first in a two part series on teaching listening. It looks at the differences between the receptive skills of reading and listening and what top down processing is. Part 2 in this series looks at bottom up processing and some classroom ideas for practising this.

Teaching Listening 2 -Bottom up processing

This is part 2 in a two part series on teaching listening and deals with bottom up processing - what it is, why it's difficult for learners and some strategies for practicing it in class.

Jack C. Richards on Listening Comprehension

In this video, Professor Jack C. Richards discusses listening comprehension.

Teaching Strategies for Developing Listening Skills

This video is about Teaching Strategies for Developing Listening Skills

LSP OLD 4: 1.4 Strategies for teaching speaking and listening

The Language Support Program (LSP) is a three-year program in partnership with VSO and the Department of Education, designed to improve teacher training in reading, writing, speaking and listening in Papua New Guinea.